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Bhatkhande Music Institute University, Lucknow

Updated on: Sep 17, 2015

bhatkhande_music_institute_universityA famous Indian musicologist who wrote the first modern commentary about Hindustani Classical Music, Pandit Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande set up "Marris College of Music" in 1926. Later on in 1966, it was named after its founder as "Bhatkhande Music College of Hindustani Music" and since 2000, after the Indian government declared it to be a deemed university, it is known as the Bhatkhande Music Institute University.

The university has produced many luminary alumni and it continues to attract music lovers from around the world. It has a well-equipped library, a sound museum that has a rare collection of recordings of well-known artists, a recording studio, canteen, lecture room among other facilities. Famous faculty who have taught here include the renowned exponent of violin, V.G.Jog.


The various faculty at Bhatkande and the departments within them:

Vocal faculty

  1. Classical Vocal
  2. Thumri Dadra
  3. Light Music

Dance faculty

  1. Kathak
  2. Bharatnatyam
  3. Manipuri
  4. Folk dance

Swar Vadya (melody instruments) faculty

  1. Sitar
  2. Sarod
  3. Guitar
  4. Violin
  5. Sarangi
  6. Harmonium
  7. Flute

Taal Vadya (percussion instruments) faculty

  1. Tabla
  2. Pakhawaj


Courses offered

  • 2 year special certificate course in:
  1. Folk dance
  2. Classical: dhrupad, dhamar
  3. Semi classical: thumri-dadra
  4. Light music: Sugam Sangeet
  5. Harmonium
  • 3 year Bachelors of Performing Arts (BPA)
  • 2 year Master of Performing Art (MPA)
  • Ph.D


If you have appeared for the exams conducted by the Bhatkhande Music Institute (BMI) University, you can check your exam results at the website The exact link for your result is:

Contact details

Bhatkhande Music Institute University
1 Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh

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