UPPSC Prelims Syllabus: Economics

Updated on: Feb 12, 2013

1. Micro Economics: Utility analysis and Law of Demand, Elasticity and Demand, Indifference curve analysis, Consumer’s Equilibrium, Production function and the laws of return, Cost and revenue function, supply functions, Equilibrium of the firm under different market situation. Pricing of factors of production, Concept of Economic welfare, Paretian Optimality.
2. Macro Economics : Various concepts of National Income. Methods of National Income Accounting, Determinants of National Income and employment, Classical and Keynesian theories of employment.
3. Money and Banking : Concept and functions of money, Measures of money supply (M1, M2 and M3) Commercial Banking, functions of Central Banks. Determination and measurement of value of money, price indices Inflation its causes and effects.
4. Public Finance: Sources of Public revenue, Types of Taxes, Classification and principles of Public expenditure, Public Debt Budget and types of budget deficits.
5. International Economics : Theory of comparative cost and Hecksher-Ohlin theory. Free trade and protection, Balance of payments and adjustment-mechanism. Foreign exchange rate determination, I.M.F.,I.B.R.D., and W. T.O.


6. Economic Growth and Development :
Meaning and measurement of Growth and development, Harrod and Domah growth models. Sources of growth: population, productivity, human resources development technology and capital, Approaches to development: Big push theory, critical minimum effort, Balanced and unbalanced growth. Measures of economic inequalities. International comparison of development.


7. Indian Economy: Trends in population growth and salient results of 1991 population census. Structure and trends of National Income, savings and investment in India. Dimensions of Unemployment Problems, Causes and remedies, extent and measurement of poverty Economic planning in India, Strategies, goals, and achievements, Agricultural and Industrial Policy. Liberalisation and globalisation in Indian economy. Recent changes in fiscal, monetary and trade policies and their effects. Development of Infrastructure, problems and prospects.

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