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Bhatkhande Music Institute

Updated on: Feb 11, 2013

Bhatkhande Music Institute University or BMIU Lucknow, is a Deemed University. It is the developed form of a music school in Lucknow established by Pt Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande in 1926 with the help and co-operation of Rai Umanath Bali and Rai Rajeshwar Bali and other music patrons and connoisseurs of Lucknow. This institution was inaugurated by the then Governor of Awadh Sir William Marris and was named after him as Marris College of Music. In 1966, the State Government of Uttar Pradesh brought this college under its control and renamed it after its founder as Bhatkhande College of Hindustani Music.

The subjects taught at the BMIU are grouped in four faculties viz Vocal, Melody, Instrumental and Dance, which are further spread in Classical, Semi-Classical and Light Vocal (Gayan), Swaravadya and Talavadya in Instrumental (Vadan) and Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri and Folk in Dance (Nritya) departments.

The University has a girl's hostel on the campus. Some rooms are earmarked for couple students from abroad. BMIU Lucknow maintains an audio-video library and modern sound recording studio which is a center of sound related technological studies, along with catering to Institute's recording needs.

BMI Lucknow Faculties
  • Vocal Music (Gayan)
  • Instrumental Music (Vadan)
  • Melody Instruments (Swarvadya)
  • Percussion Instruments (Talavadya)
  • Dance (Nritya)
  • Musicology & Research
  • Applied Music

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