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Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

Updated on: Sep 16, 2015

Banaras Hindu University Varanasi Uttar PradeshThe Banaras Hindu University (BHU) [also known as Kashi Hindu VishwaVidyalaya in Hindi] is a well-known central university located in Varanasi, India established in 1916 by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, the great nationalist leader along with famous personalities like Dr. Annie Besant. It is the only university in India that has an IIT within its campus (IIT BHU.) It has received the "university with potential for excellence" status from the UGC in 2012.

The main campus of BHU is spread over 1300 acres and consists of 3 institutes, 14 faculties, 140 departments, 4 inter-disciplinary centres, a constituent college for women, 3 schools, 6 centres of advanced studies, 10 departments under "Special Assistance Programme" and many specialized research centres. 4 degree colleges in Varanasi are also affiliated to BHU. The university is also home to "Bharat Kala Bhavan", a famous art & archeological museum. The university has another campus in Barkaccha, Mirzapur known as the Rajiv Gandhi South Campus that was established in 2006.

BHU has more than 30,000 students from all walks of life, caste, religion, and race in India. Foreign students from at least 65 countries are also enrolled here. BHU employs about 1700 teachers and nearly 8000 non-teaching staff.

With 15,000 of its students putting up in its 76 hostels, BHU has the reputation of being the largest residential university in Asia.

Institutes of BHU

  • Institute of Agricultural Sciences
  • Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - BHU

Colleges in Varanasi affiliated with BHU

  1. Arya Mahila Degree College
  2. Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya (V.K.M), Kamachha
  3. Vasant College for Woman, Rajghat
  4. D.A.V. Degree College

Courses offered by various BHU faculty

Faculty of Arts

3 year B.A. and 2 year M.A in: English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, German, French, Nepali, Bengali, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Pali & Buddhist Studies, Marathi, Geography, Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Indian Philosophy & Religion, Mathematics, Statistics, History of Arts, Linguistics, Philosophy, Home Science, Chinese, Kannada, Russian

  1. 2 year professional courses:
    1. M.A Mass Communication
    2. M.P.Ed
    3. M.Lib. & I.Sc
    4. M.A. Prayojanmoolak Hindi
    5. M.A. Museology
    6. M.A. Manuscriptology & Paleography
    1 year advanced PG diploma in Archaeology, History of Arts, Indian History & Culture, Arabic, Telugu, Hindi, French Studies, German, Indian Philosophy & Religion, Nepali, Marathi, Urdu, Persian
    2 year under graduate diploma in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Russian, Chinese, Marathi, French Studies, Arabic, Persian, German Studies, English, Kannad, Urdu, Nepali, Pali, Sanskrit, Italian, Spanish, Prakrit, Japanese
    1 year certificate course in Hindi, English, Persian, Urdu, Arabic, Italian, Pali, French (bridge course)
    Other special courses:
    1. M.A. Tourism Management
    2. M.A Corporate Communication
    3. PG Diploma Archaeology
    4. UG Diploma in Office Management & Business Communication
    5. UG Diploma Tourism Management
    6. PG Diploma Language Technology, Manuscriptology, Health Communication, Communication Skills, Journalism (Hindi), Sports Journalism, Theatre Communication, Translation Skills for Varied Competencies
    7. Proficiency Certificate Course in Bhojpuri Language

Faculty of Law

  1. 3 year LL.B
  2. 2 year LL.M
  3. Special courses:
  • 2 year LLM in Human Rights & Duties Education (HRDE)
  • 1 year PG Diploma in Industrial & Intellectual property Laws
  • 1 year PG Diploma in Environmental Law, Policy & Management

Faculty of Science

  1. 3 year B.Sc (hons) Maths & Bio Group
  2. 2 year M.Sc in Chemistry, Botany, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Zoology, Geography, Biochemistry, Home Science, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Psychology, Molecular & Human Genetics, Bioinformatics (only for women at MMV)
  3. 3 year M.Sc Tech Geophysics
  4. 3 year M.Sc Tech Geology
  5. 3 year MCA
  6. 1 year PG diploma courses in: Spectroscopy, Natural Disaster Management
  7. 1 year certificate course in Statistical methods
  8. 1 year special courses:
  • M.Sc in Environmental Science
  • M.Sc Applied Microbiology
  • M.Sc Petroleum Geosciences
  • PG Diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS
  • Integrated PG diploma in Actuarial Science
  • PG diploma in Population Studies
  • PG diploma in Chromosomal Genetic & Molecular Diagnostics

Faculty of Commerce

  1. 3 year B.Com (hons)
  2. 2 year M.Com
  3. 2 year special courses:
  • Master of Foreign Trade (MFT)
  • Master of Financial Management (Risk & Insurance) (MFMRI)
  • Master of Finance Management (MFM)

Faculty of Education

  1. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  2. B.Ed Special
  3. Master of Education (M.Ed)
  4. M.Ed Special

Faculty of Performing Arts

  • 3 year Bachelor of Music (B.Mus) & 2 year M.Mus in: Vocal, Instrumental (sitar/ violin/ flute/ tabla)
  • 3 year Bachelor of Performing Art (BPA) & 2 year MPA in Dance (kathak/ bharatnatyam)
  • 2 year Master of Musicology
  • 2 year PG diploma in Ravindra Sangeet Shastra
  • 3 year Junior diploma in Music & Dance in:
  1. Vocal Music: Hindustani, Karnataka
  2. Instrumental Music: (sitar/ violin/ flute/ tabla/ karnataka/ veena)
  3. Dance (kathak/ bharatnatyam)

Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. 3 year B.A (hons) & 2 year M.A. in: Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology
  2. 1 year PG diploma courses in: Japanese studies, Conflict Management & Development, Integral Rural Development & Management, Counselling& Psychotherapy, Gender & Women Studies, Counseling Guidance & Psychological Intervention
  3. 2 year special courses:
  • Master of Personnel Management & Industrial Relation (MPMIR)
  • M.A Social Work (MSW)
  • M.A Public Administration (MPA)
  • M.A in Conflict Management & Development (MCMD)

Faculty of Management Studies

  1. 2 year MBA
  2. 2 year MBA (International Business)
  3. 6 month certificate course in HealthCare Management (part time)
  4. 1 year PG diploma in Business Administration
  5. 1 year diploma course (part time) in:
  • Micro finance & Entrepreneurship
  • Leisure & Hospitality Management

Faculty of Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vijnan

  1. 3 yr Shastri (hons) & 2 yr Acharya in: Veda (rigveda/samveda, shukla, yajurveda, krishna yajurveda), Dharmagam, Puranaitihasa & Sahitya, Jyotish, Vyakaran, Mimansa, Nyayavaisesika, Vedanta, Jain Darshan, Bauddh Darshan, Prachinanyaya, Sankhya Yoga, Dharmashastra
  2. 2 yr PG diploma in Agama Tantra
  3. 1 yr certificate course in Sanskrit

Faculty of Visual Arts

  1. 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) & 2 year MFA in: painting, applied arts, plastic arts, pottery & ceramics, textile design
  2. 1 year certificate courses in: painting, advertising & design

Faculty of Medicine

  • 5.5 yr MBBS
  • 3 yr M.D in: Anaesthesiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, Forensic Medicine, Medicine, Paediatrics, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Preventive & Social Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Radiotherapy & Radiation Medicine, TB & Respiratory Diseases
  • 4 yr B.Sc Nursing
  • 3 yr M.S in: Anatomy, Opthalmology, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • 3 yr D.M in: Neurology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Nephrology
  • 3 yr M.Ch in: Neuro-surgery, plastic surgery, urology, paediatric surgery, cardio-vascular & thoracic surgery
  • 2 yr M.Sc in Health Statistics
  • Post-Doctoral Certificate course in Pain & Palliative Care
  • 2 yr PG diploma courses in: Dialysis Therapy, Medical Technology (radiotherapy), Lab Technology

Faculty of Dental Sciences

  • 3 yr Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • 3 yr MDS
  • 2 yr UG diploma courses in: Dental Mechanic, Dental Hygienist


If you have appeared for the exams conducted by the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), you can check your exam results at the website www.ExamResults.net. The exact link for your result is: http://results.upeducation.net/bhu/

Contact details

Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005
0542 236 8558
Website: www.bhu.ac.in

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