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Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC)

Updated on: Mar 30, 2015


The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) was founded on April, 1, 1937, with the primary focus of selecting candidates to different administrations in the state. The commission is controlled by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission Regulation, 1976.

Initiating its voyage from few rooms of a Secretariat in Allahabad with almost 10,000 applications available to it, the commission has today made some amazing progress. The commission has a camp office in the state capital- Lucknow and manages over a lakh applications consistently at its computerized office.

With the increment in the work through the years, number of individuals in the commission too has increased. The two examination centres at Allahabad and Lucknow serves to around 3000 candidates at once.

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission undertakes following functions

1. Recruitment of the Candidates to the various services of state are done through the following process:

·         Interview only.

·         Screening test & Interview.

·         Examination only.

·         Examination & Interview only.

·         Preliminary Examination, Main Examination & Interview

2. Promotion of the employees
3. Disciplinary Actions against employees
4. Service Rules
5. Advice to Uttar Pradesh Government

The Commission comprises of a Chairman and 9 members (secretary included). The appointment is made by the governor of Uttar Pradesh in accordance with the provisions in Articles-316 to 319 of the constitution of India.


Following examinations are conducted by U.P. Public Service Commission

   1. Combined State/Upper Subordinate Preliminary Examination.
   2. Combined State/Upper Subordinate Main Examination.
   3. Combined State/Lower Subordinate Preliminary Examination.
   4. Combined State/Lower Subordinate Main Examination.
   5. U.D.A/L.D.A Preliminary Examination
   6. U.D.A/L.D.A Main Examination
   7. Personal Assistant Examination
   8. Assistant Registrar Examination
   9. Combined State Engineering Examination.
  10. Assistant Engineering Examination
  11. U.P. Nyayic Seva (Junior Division) Examination
  12. Assistant Prosecuting Officer Examination
  13. District Welfare Officer & Child Development Project Officer Examination
  14. Principal, Senior Lecturer, District Education Institute Examination
  15. Supervisor Kanoongo Examination
  16. Peshkar Examination
  17. Superior Forest Examination
  18. Forest Ranger Examination
  19. Screening Test as required



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